Back in 2006, the Aufgeladen und Bereit label, based in Hamburg, Germany, released Get While The Getting’s Good, a 19-track compilation of material by bands from Scotland. I’ll direct you to this post on the Penny Black Music website for more info.

One of the tracks on the compilation is by a band called The MetroGnomes about which I can find very little other than a brief bio found on a website belonging to Frooki Records in repect of the release, in 2015, of an album called Des’O:-

A band from Fife (except Dave) Scotland.

The MetroGnomes are Pedro, Biscuits, Dave from Edinburgh, The Elusive MR IJ and Frook, with guest appearances from most of the folk they know.

Pedro (Peter Burns) – singer, the driving force behind the band, contributed the majority of the songs to the album with other songs coming from band members and friends.

Alternative / funk jazz / fusion hip hop rock mixed in with some folky bluesy country. A range of flavours to suit all tastes.

A gem of an album to the last.

The track made available on the 2006 compilation is not on that album, which itself can be found over at Spotify.

mp3 : The MetroGnomes – I Should’ve Known

Indeed, this track features a lead vocal from a female singer who must no longer be with the band.And it’s very much in the folky bluesy country areas of activitity.

Any more info from any of you?



  1. That’s a pretty charming little song. Well-played and recorded, nice harmonies. Sounds a bit like Aimee Mann. A gem.

  2. Gave a listen to the 2015 Des’O album on Spotify. Does not sound anything like the song from the 2006 comp. I suspect it’s a different band altogether. ‘Metrognomes’ is used by a few different minor acts over here. Possible same goes for the UK.

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