45 45s @ 45 : SWC STYLE (Part 11)


37. Nobody Cares – Yung (2015 Tough Love Records)

Released in March 2015 (Did not Chart)

I have tried to keep this list to tracks that I haven’t ever written about before but sometimes, tracks are just too brilliant to talk about time after time.

The first time I ever heard ‘Nobody Cares’ I was sat in my lounge with Tim Badger. We had just got back from seeing The Vaccines in Plymouth and had on the way back been discussing the idea of starting our own blog. That blog eventually saw the light of day a few months later under the When You Can’t Remember Anything moniker.

It wasn’t always going to be called that though. In fact right up the day before we launched the blog the name was undecided. I wanted to call it ‘Right Through The Groove’ a weak tribute to a Propellerheads song, Tim wanted to call it ‘Balanced On A Knife Edge’ a weak tribute to something related to his beloved Tottenham Hotspur. We kept changing the Title Page when the other one wasn’t looking.

Eventually we choose the name, in true WYCRA style, from a random quote site and selected the last five words from the end of the first page. It seemed kind of apt so we stuck with it.

Just for information we also discounted the following names using the same random quote page

“Candy All Over the place”

“Can’t Walk Away from It”

“Where would you Put it?”

“Hearing joy from your Neighbours”

None of these seem as good as When You Can’t Remember Anything

Yung are a guitar band from Aarhus in Denmark, and ‘Nobody Cares is taken from their debut UK release ‘Alter’ an EP of six tracks that bristle with anger and shimmer with glorious brilliance all at the same time.

Shitty Mind

‘Nobody Cares’ has this astonishing flow about it. It starts all jingly jangly (and fact fans sounds really similar to the opening bars of ‘Eat My Goal’ by Collapsed Lung) before descending into an onslaught of guitars which are met by a vocal that sounds like it sung through a broken microphone. It is one of my favourite songs of the last decade. Badger loved it as well.




3 thoughts on “45 45s @ 45 : SWC STYLE (Part 11)

  1. There’s something honorable about folks still making songs like that. It’s not going to set the world alight, but the if-you-can-play-two-chords-form-a-band ethos makes me happy. On the other hand, the album cover is freakin’ genius.

  2. Where Would You Put It is a great name for a blog. Much better than mine, not that it matters anymore. I remember you guys turning me onto Yung when you featured them, and I thank you for it.

  3. Hoorah to all of this. I’ve been meaning to say for a while what an absolute treat it is to hear from SWC again in this series.

    I always wondered what the origin of the WYCRA name was; we tried a similar method for naming the first band I was in at college: allow thesaurus to open at random page and lo! For one gig only I was in band called Raffia Palm, which still makes me wince all these years later.

    Anyway, what I mean to say is this: the extra layer of SWC’s posts on top of the wonder that is JC’s usual impeccable standard of content is a joy to behold. Good to have you back, buddy.

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