Happy New Year! I have again tried to summarize the best of Swedish music from last year, though I have to admit 2019 won’t go down in history as the best vintage but I put together something like a 5 track sampler 12″. My personal favourite is the closing track by Honungsvägen (Honey Road) from their eponymous debut album – by far the best Swedish album from 2019, unfortunately for most of the TVV crew in Swedish.

A. Electronic side:

A1. Red Mecca – Centrum

Red Mecca is the keyboard player from 80’s post-punk outfit Brända Barn (Burned Children) with a female voice having turned electronic in his “old” days. Maybe not revolutionary considering he played keyboard already back then, but with Red Mecca he’s gone fully electronic. At a gig last year they were joined on stage by the former singer of Brända Barn and together they made a version of their own classic “Centrum”. With the great response they decided to record it properly in the studio. Originally released in 1983, this version provides a darkwave update to a lyric sadly still valid on murky right-wing nationalism.

A2. ionnalee – Some Body

ionnalee was represented also last year and in a productive flow she released another album in 2019. Remember The Future has trademark sound, great track here – however her creative rush combined with a world tour took its toll and she now suffers from exhaustion.

AA. Alternative side:

AA1. The Polaroids – Getting By

They have Velvet Underground high on their list of influences, which is probably more predominant live than in the studio but speaks of high aspirations. The album sounds maybe more like Arctic Monkeys, Franz Ferdinand or something in that vein. Their debut “Whatever Makes A Profit” is 30 minutes energy and well worth checking out.

AA2. Delagoon – Shimmering (feat. Groovy Rickz)

True indie/punk style they flew high on several music blogs around the world (or at least around europe), recorded a great album and disbanded all in a matter of a year having played around small clubs in Stockholm way below any attention for a couple of years before. Being the pop-iest track on the album this has hit potential and is a good door opener.

AA3. Honungsvägen – Kroppen Din Och Hjärtat Mitt

A bit of a northern Sweden indie super group, especially when you consider the people around the group itself contributing with song writing, playing on a track, mixing – you get the picture. The back cover printing is almost a “who is who” in (northern) Swedish indie – and with the very distinct brittle (in search for a better word) sound of groups like The Wannadies, Hello Saferide and the likes. A beautiful song of a lover lost. This suffers a bit for non-Swedish speakers, hopefully you can enjoy anyway.

Bonus track: Brända Barn – Centrum (1983)

All the best!

One thought on “THE BEST OF SWEDISH MUSIC IN 2019

  1. Thank you for this. It’s always good to hear new music. I particularly enjoyed The Polaroids.

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