I’ve written many words on many previous occasions, so this time round I’ll just go with some songs, covering what could have been six separate entries along with some background info.  As far as I can recall, none of the six songs have been on the blog before.

mp3 : Lloyd & Will Cole – Perfect Skin

From 2012 when Lloyd and his son Will, having played some shows together for which they had worked out some brand new arrangements (and some variations on some very old ones), decided to drop into a studio and do some live material of said arrangements.

mp3 : Lloyd Cole – Are You Ready To Be Heartbroken?

In January 2010, Lloyd went into a studio with what he termed his Small Ensemble for a one-off recording of stripped-down acoustic takes on Commotions and solo material, which were then sold as a limited edition CD. The Small Ensemble consisted of Lloyd Cole and Matt Cullen on guitar and banjo, and Mark Schwaber on guitar and mandolin.

mp3 : Lloyd Cole & The Commotions – Andy’s Babies

B-side to Forest Fire (1985)

mp3 : Lloyd Cole & The Negatives – Impossible Girl

The Negatives consisted of Lloyd Cole (vocals, guitar and synthesizer), David Darby (bass guitar, vocals), Michael Kotch (guitar), Rafa Maciejak (drums) and Jill Sobule (guitar, vocals). They released an album, with eleven tracks, in 2000, a couple of which, including Impossible Girl, also had strings.

mp3 : Lloyd Cole & Jill Sobule  – For The Good Times

Recorded for a 2006 tribute album to Kris Kristofferson

mp3 : Lloyd Cole & Robert Quine – I Just Don’t Know What To Do With Myself

Recorded for a 1997 tribute album to Burt Bacharach.

Taken together, these six tracks would have made for a very fine EP.


15 thoughts on “SATURDAY’S SCOTTISH SONG : #184 -189 : LLOYD COLE

  1. Just bought tickets for Lloyd for next spring and looking forward to hearing the new stuff and the old stuff.
    (Think Jill Sobule was the Negatives musician, rather than Solube, who sounds like she might be an “underground movies” starlet)

  2. Oops! Cheers for the heads up. Sorted.

    Likewise, bought tickets for Glasgow gig next April. Lloyd always puts on a decent show.

  3. A man who can do no wrong. Saw him this month and her was gloriously hilariously grumpy. The new songs blended perfectly with the old

  4. It’s a funny one PPM. All of the Commotions were from round these parts…Lloyd had stayed here for a number of years and it was the Glasgow scene that brought them together.

    As such, there’s always been an acceptance of Lloyd being an honorary Scot, so I’m including him in the series!!!

  5. Well, until this century, when I learned differently, even I thought Mr. Cole was a Scot! Seeing as you are actually a Scot, I will defer to your judgement! Are there any other honorary Scots out there in your judgement?

  6. Think Lloyd is from Derbyshire and the Young Pretender annexed the county for Scotland when he was down that way in 1745, so that counts. Also, he plays a lot of golf, so it’s obviously in his blood.

  7. This evening I’ll enjoy a nice Lagavulin 16 and pretend I’m an honorary Scot. Had no idea Lloyd recorded with the inimitable Robert Quine, an important New Yorker (by way of Ohio) and a…lawyer.

  8. Hey Jonny

    Didn’t know the late Mr Quine was a qualified lawyer.

    He played on a number of Lloyd’s solo records in the early-mid 90s.

  9. JC, Quine earned a law degree but didn’t practice law. He failed the California bar and briefly wrote for a legal textbook company. Then he moved to NYC and joined the Voidoids and eventually Lou Reed, etc., making him a legit New Yorker. A question occurs: is David Byrne an honorary Scot or a legit Scot? I think any New Yorker would consider him one of our own.

  10. I was happy when my wife succeeded in finding a Rod Stewart compilation that forused on his Mercury Records solo years in the States. All prior to 1975 and the Rod Stewart Line In The Sand® that “Hot Legs” was writ large. Faces weren’t bad either. Not my meat, but I wouldn’t change the channel.

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