Another from the Big Gold Dreams boxset:-

SHAKE – Culture Shock : (Sire SIR 4016 7/79)

When The Rezillos split in 1978, while Eugene Reynolds, Fay Fife and Hi-Fi Harris formed the similarly trashy Revillos, song-writer Jo Callis, bassist Simon Templar and drummer Angel Paterson, plus future Teardrop Explodes guitarist Troy Tate, became Shake.

Released as the lead number on a 10” EP, their exuberant debut highlighted a Callis-penned song that had originally been part of The Rezillos live set, and can be heard on Callis’ former band’s Mission Accomplished…But The Beat Goes On live swansong recorded at Glasgow Apollo. A second single, Invasion of The Gamma Men, followed, before Callis embarked on a pop voyage that would ultimately lead to global domination with The Human League.

mp3 : Shake – Culture Shock

Here’s the other three tracks from the EP:-

mp3 : Shake – (But) Not Mine
mp3 : Shake – Glasshouse
mp3 : Shake – Dream On

It’s a long way removed from Love Action.….




  1. Great ep I had forgotten about. I was about to ask if there was enough for a Jo Callis collection, but as postpunkmonk has already made one that will be my inspiration. I’ve asked him for a re-post, I hope he does!

  2. Don’t forget Jo and Simon went to Boots for Dancing after Shake and before Human League and Joe helped pen a few Boots classics…and played on Peel sesions etc etc

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