One of my all time favourites from the C86,87,88 era is Waiting For The Winter by The Popguns.

I really can’t do better than send you to Brian’s place – Linear Track Lives – as he is probably the band’s #1 fan and it was he who brought me the news back in November 2016 of a side-project involving Simon and Wendy Pickles. This wonderful interview gives all the details.

Shamefully, it took me over two years to pick up Isobar Blues, the debut album by The Perfect English Weather for which Brian interviewed the duo, by which time they had released a follow-up, Don’t You Wanna Feel The Rain, from which today’s Monday Morning…Coming Down song is selected:-

mp3 : The Perfect English Weather – The Waves Upon The Shingle

Isn’t it absolutely gorgeous?

Do yourself a favour and get over here to purchase the albums and while you’re there, do yourself an even bigger favour by picking up the stunning comeback material by The Popguns.


2 thoughts on “MONDAY MORNING….COMING DOWN (6)

  1. There are some voices that can melt the very heart of you. Wendy’s is one such voice for me. This is utterly beautiful.

    Popguns is a band that has the enviable ability to lift the darkest of moods – even in Glasgow, even on a Monday morning.

    I’m not as familiar with The Perfect English Weather but I’ll remedy this.

    I recall reading about a resurrected Popguns with excitement and, if I’m honest, a little dread. The dread dissipated instantly. They picked up exactly were they left off and had me hooked all over again.

    I agree that Waiting for the Winter is a stunning song no matter what your musical predilection.

  2. Thanks for the plug, JC. Now for a few more. The Perfect English Weather is the very definition of your Monday Morning… Coming Down series. As for the Popguns, Pop Fiction is my favorite comeback album. Get it! Quite a bit of excitement going on in the world of the Popguns right now. They are playing in London at the end of the month, and Love Junky LP is getting its first ever vinyl release on Record Store Day (in the UK, anyway. Grr.) They are doing in-store performance at their hometown shop Vinyl Revolution in Brighton that day too. Come out if you can. Great band and even better people.

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