The previous time I featured Cousteau on the blog was in August 2014 when I posed the question ‘Anyone Remember This Lot?’

It was very pleasing that a number of very favourable comments followed on, including a couple of personal anecdotes from folk who knew, for one reason or other, vocalist Liam McKahey.

This oustanding piece of music is tailor made for this particular series.

mp3 : Cousteau – The Last Good Day Of The Year


5 thoughts on “MONDAY MORNING….COMING DOWN (5)

  1. The last great track of the Millennium IMHO. The boozy, morning after trumpet is beautiful and Liam McKahey has a classic, warm and inviting voice. If you want to hear it at it’s most fully realized, check out his vocals on Stephen Emmer’s International Blue. He’s one of my picks to sing a Bond song.

  2. Great track! As is She Don’t Hear Your Prayer. Saw them live a couple of times in 2000.

  3. Always remember the concert in Pittsburgh, PA @ Rosebuds. Liam, Davey, Robin, Craig, Joe – some people sat semi-circle on the floor… we sat around afterwards, chatting it up… truly a night to remember.

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