I was too late to join the party with the great bloggers who are offering up long songs for Mondays and so I’m thinking I might be best served by starting off a fresh theme of my own. It might take off or it might fade away altogether after a short period, who knows?

I’ve decided that Monday mornings need to be kicked off in a gentle fashion from now on and so the songs here will be gentle on the ear, not all the far removed from what you might hear on easy listening radio stations. It might not, on paper, sound all that appealing, but I’m hopeful the quality of the tracks will keep you on board.

Today’s offering is from 2006 and was the debut single from Jenny Lewis and The Watson Twins. The former first came to musical prominence in the late 90s with LA-based indie band Rilo Kiley while the latter, whose forenames are Chandra and Leigh, emerged just after the turn of the century as singers whose harmonising talents seemed perfectly suited for any blend of country, folk or indie and thus perfect for Jenny’s first solo spin-off project.

Despite having an aggressive sounding title, this is a very sweet number, just perfect for car karaoke with your friends:-

mp3 : Jenny Lewis & The Watson Twins – Rise Up With Fists!!!

The b-side was one which didn’t make it onto the parent album Rabbit Fur Coat. It’s worthy of a listen, if a bit more folk/country than indie and has a more low-key contribution from the twins:-

mp3 : Jenny Lewis & The Watson Twins – Paradise



  1. Saw Lewis and The Watson Twins in Mono promoting this album, it was a great gig. This single was one of the few things that I have picked up in Oxfam Music Byres Rd at a bargain price, a fiver.

  2. I love the track ‘Born Secular’ on this album, great harmonies long play out, would fit my easy listening playlist not embarrassed about. There was a lot of hype at the time that Rilo K were the new Fleetwood Mac. Pity they didn’t keep it going.

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