The proper debut single was released in May 1982. Paul Haig, as mentioned last week, had signed to Belgian label Les Disques du Crépuscule, but his debut 45 appeared on Operation Twilight in his homeland, a label which was in fact the UK side of his Belgian operations but with some input and support from Rough Trade.

mp3 : Paul Haig – Running Away

A fairly honest update of the original written and recorded back in 1970 with synths replacing the original horns.

mp3 : Sly & The Family Stone – Runnin’ Away

Truth be told, it did feel a little bit underwhelming at the time with very few Josef K fans able to believe their ears. It’s one which has grown on me somewhat, but it does still seem a bit rudimental, almost as if Paul was himself very unsure what his next steps should be.

The b-side is quite different, and isn’t a million miles away from the sound of pre-hit Human League. Again, it took a bit of getting used to, but once it was accepted the angular guitars were now a thing of the past and the electronica had to be embraced fully, this became an early favourite of the solo era.

mp3 : Paul Haig – Time

Both tracks today have been ripped from 7″ vinyl and as a consequence are a touch lo-fi.



  1. Series hasn’t hit known territory for me yet in that I personally only caught up with Mr Haig a little later in his story( I do have Running Away on the European Sun compilation and heard him do it live a couple of times) but, that said, I am already loving this.

    After the tracks last week which were complete surprises, Time, which I have just listened to for the first time ever, I have already earmarked as a lost Paul Haig classic.

  2. is it just me or does that look a lot like Billie Piper in the cover?? I understand that the timelines do not work but maybe she had some help from the Doctor?

  3. I was lucky enough to run across a US Crepuscule copy of this around 1985, after finally getting exposure to Haig via the Propaganda cover of “Sorry For Laughing.” I had loved that cover so it was at that point that Haig got on my radar. I was shocked to see the Sly Stone deep cut getting the cover treatment. I simply accepted it as normal since it would be another 30 years before I finally heard any music by Josef K! Amazing, but true. Sometimes, the Post-Punk Monk needs to get out a little more!

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