April 2015 saw the first release by Henry and Fleetwood, a collaboration involving singer/guitarist Martin John Henry (who first came to prominence with De Rosa) and harpist Gillian Fleetwood (who is best known as a member of The State Broadcasters).

The self-titled four-track EP offers a mix of ballads/folk/celtic music that, depending on your state of mind and/or sobrierty, will be moving or haunting to many listeners, although it is also fair to say that some might just not take to it.

I was lucky enough to attend the launch of the EP and be part of an audience which found the performance rather mesmerising with Martin displaying a more gentle touch than he had hitherto been known, while Gillian, for once not competing to be heard amidst her bandmates, demonstrated that a traditional instrument could still play a meaningful part in a modern setting while also contributing a backing vocal. It was all rather lovely.

mp3 : Henry and Fleetwood – On The Forest Floor (Rhiwddolion)

It was released on the quite wonderful Olive Grove Records….one of the best small labels in Scotland and run by Lloyd Meredith, quite probably the nicest and most genuine person you’ll ever come across in the music industry.



  1. Ah the internet is so great isn’t it. You can haphazardly be going though old posts on a site and you find something completely wonderful that you completely missed first time round.
    This is gorgeous music- thank you so much for the upload.

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