This is another act of whom I’ve one song, courtesy of its inclusion in a free giveaway with a Scottish newspaper back in 2007.

mp3 : The Hedrons – Heatseeker

A bit of digging on t’internet reveals The Hedrons were formed in Glasgow in 2005, consisting of Soup (drums), Gill (bass), Rosie (Guitar) and Tippi (Lead Singer/Guitar), and may well be the only all-female hard rock band from these parts …I certainly can’t think of any others. They cited Joan Jett, Patti Smith, Foo Fighters and Iggy Pop as influences and for a short time of arouns six months were a bit of a flavour with three singles and an album on local label Measured Records getting a fair bit of airplay across the UK and them appearing at festivals or opening for such heavy-hitters such as Alice In Chains and Sex Pistols.

They dissappeared after the February 2007 release of debut album One More Won’t Kill Us. Lead singer Tippi, who had attempted a solo pop career prior to the band, has forged something of a career since as a session backing vocalist and as lecturer in music at a college just outside of Glasgow.

Complete coincidence, but The Hedrons are out there on You Tube performing, before what looks like a sell-out crowd at King Tut’s in Glasgow, a song that featured on the blog just yesterday:-



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