I’ll pay for this posting……indeed, I’ll pay heavily!

Mrs V turns 60 years old today.  Rachel is, by far, the youngest and most active 60 year old I know, holding down a stressful and time-consuming job that involves a fair amount of travelling across the UK while maintaining a busy social life around her many different loves such as gardening, growing food, walking, music and literature.

We will be waking up in Barcelona, a city she has long wanted to visit, and this will be our third day of four.  We will be joined by a small group of friends to spend a day doing whatever it is Rachel most wants to do, rounding things off with some fine food and wine, with the vegetarian option being enjoyed by the birthday girl.

The trip will be the latest in what has been a year-long effort by her to do all sorts of things with different groups of friends.  There’s been a night at a Taylor Swift gig in Manchester, a weekend at the Rewind festival in Henley-on-Thames and soon she will be off to Oslo to follow a trail associated with one of her favourite authors, Jo Nesbo.  Her energy levels are incredible.

As I’ve said before, we have long enjoyed going to gigs together but in more recent years, especially since I became ensconsed in the blog, our tastes have somewhat drifted….I think Rachel deliberately goes for singers and bands that I wouldn’t dream of listening to.  It certainly makes for some interesting nights fighting over the remote controls….but occasionally something will give us some common ground.

Anyways, I am a very very lucky man to have her in my life….we’ve been living together now for more than 28 years having found each other after failed first marriages….and I hope you don’t mind me being self-indulgent in using the blog to air a few of her favourites:-

mp3 : Fall Out Boy – Dance Dance
mp3 : Good Charlotte – Lifestyles Of The Rich and The Famous
mp3 : Green Day – Minority
mp3 : Marilyn Manson – Disposable Teens
mp3 : Taylor Swift – Look What You Made Me Do
mp3 : Lady Gaga – Born This Way
mp3 : Martin Solveig – Ready To Go
mp3 : Calvin Harris – Feel So Close

Happy birthday missus. Keep on rockin’, dancin’ and laffin’





  1. Penblwydd Hapus I chi from Florida! At least the female family members have decent music taste – sending love and best wishes!

  2. Happy birthday, Rachel. Interesting to hear that your respective tastes have diverged over the years – funnily enough the tastes of myself and Mrs MPT have actually converged rather than the other way!

  3. Happy Birthday to you Mrs. V! So sorry to miss making yours and JC’s aquaintance over tinto de verano in Barcelona – I will be arriving on Friday morning for 5 days before hitting the beach down the road in Sitges. Feliz Cumpleanos!!!

  4. Happy birthday also from me, Mrs V.! What a relief to see that at least ONE person in Villain Towers has a bit of taste, nothing of those melancholically moaning unknown Scottish student bands your partner favours so much … just great!

    Hope Barcelona is being nice to you, enjoy the tapas !!

  5. As a reader from Barcelona I just can say “Welcome to Catalonia” and stay safe from tourist traps.

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