Around three weeks ago, while out on the golf course (and putting together a really decent score), I got a sudden pain in lower part of my back, just above my left arsecheek. Within 24 hours, I was a near cripple in that I couldn’t walk for more than a few yards without wanting to cry with the pain (admittedly, I do have a very low threshold). I eventually got myself over to see the GP who diagnosed a muscle tear with the only cure being time, anti-inflammatory tablets and some deep heat rubs with the additional advice that I take things very easy for a bit.

Which was a real blow as it meant that I had to miss going to see Trash Can Sinatras play a home-town gig of sorts at Oran Mor in Glasgow, a review of which by the awfully talented Craig, from the wonderful blog Plain or Pan?, can be read here.

I was listening a lot to the band in the build-up to the gig and I am still very much smitten and in awe of the material from the early 90s. The later material does have a lot of very fine moments but sometimes the songs sound a wee bit too grown-up and sensible for my liking but I was so keen to hear them played in the live environment, especially as UK shows are such a rarity these days with a number of the band now resident in the States.

Above all else, I really wanted to dance my backside off to this, their fourth single and the first one chosen from 1993 sophomore album, I’ve Seen Everything:-

mp3 : The Trash Can Sinatras – Hayfever

A fabulously memorable tune with a wry, clever and head-scratching lyric. What more could you ask for? And yes, I can confirm that Moscow is indeed in Ayrshire.

Hello, I’m Harry
I’ve had women, I’ve had germs
They’re eerie, wild and wailing
And seductive in small doses

Only one way
Only one way
Why can’t we take a couple of tablets?

Hello, I’m Harry
Did you receive the letter sent?
The cheque enclosed, the negatives
Now here’s some headlines
Current and sensible

Moscow’s in Ayrshire
What’s the problem?
Should I throw my tammy in the ring
And run for president?
Ooh, it’s farmed out
Ooh, I’m penned in
Ooh, I’m left to no doubt
I’m Harry, hello
I’m Harry, hello

You want me, you want me, do I?
Arsenic be judge, gin be jury

The chocolate’s watching
The cuckoos are clocking me
They leave me alone in my sulk
Stalking a beautiful girl in a rural spot
It gets larger….as she gets nearer

There’s only one way, away away
There’s only one way, away away
There’s only one way, away away
There’s only one way, away away
There’s only one way, away away
There’s only one way, away away
There’s only one way, away away
There’s only one way
The rest is chemistry

Here’s yer b-sides:-

mp3 : The Trash Can Sinatras – Say
mp3 : The Trash Can Sinatras – Kangaroo Court
mp3 : The Trash Can Sinatras – Skindiving

It reached the heights of #61 here in the UK, the highest placing for any of their singles. Further evidence, if any was needed, that the record buying general public are a bunch of fuckwits.


3 thoughts on “HELLO, I’M HARRY………….

  1. These guys are great. I saw them years ago at the 930 Club in Washington DC, and it was half empty. I can’t understand why they never took off.

  2. Great single and those first two albums are brilliant as well. They never get a mention much anywhere sadly (apart from here)

  3. Love this band and would have loved to have been able to get to the gig (they have been supporting Del Amitri thus the rare visit. I also think their later 3 lps stand up to the early stuff although as you say older and wiser. My favourite of the newer stuff is the sinister trouble sleeping about I think a child murder, although as evr the lyric is slightly oblique and the subject disguised by a pretty tune and gorgeous harmonies. The only slight misfire for me is Happy pocket although Twisted and Bent is another should have been a hit single and even their slight misfire is better than most other stuff

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