from 26 August 2009

I get the occasional email from readers, and a couple of times recently I’ve been asked, in passing, why I started this blog.

There were loads of reasons at the time, but in the main it boiled down to the fact that having installed broadband in the house back in 2006 I could now browse the world wide web seeking out songs of old, and I decided on a whim that this was something I wanted to do myself. So Mrs Villain bought me a USB turntable and told me to stop just talking about it…

There’s thousands of music blogs out there, and on the right hand side of this page you’ll find a list of some of my particular favourites. There’s one or two other new blogs that have started up in recent times that are also proving to be royally entertaining, and they’re likely to be added to the list in the weeks ahead.

But there’s also been a number of blogs that have come and gone. For a while I kept a list of the ‘dead’ blogs, but ended up deleting this during one of the periodical clean-ups. I’ve actually lost count of the number of songs I’ve downloaded from blogs over the years. Some of them I’ve kept….

But when I do that, I will usually make an effort to track down some product and purchase something, even if it is just a legitimate mp3 download – and I hope that’s what most of you will do of and when you download something from my wee place. So, despite some folk claiming that bloggers are killing the music industry, I find I’m spending more on music now in 2009 than at any other point in my life, and am running out of space in the cupboard that holds the vinyl and on the shelves where the CDs are stacked.

But enough rambling. The idea of today’s post is to bring you some of the more obscure and wonderful things I’ve downloaded over the past three years…and here’s to more of the same going forward:-

mp3 : Coin Op – Hey Uri
mp3 : Arab Strap – Here We Go (live acoustic session)
mp3 : Jens Lekman – You Can Call Me Al
mp3 : Elle S’Appelle – Little Flame
mp3 : Paris Motel – Mr Splitfoot
mp3 : Blur – Close


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