A track came up the other day on random shuffle….it wasn’t one I was familiar with…but its blend of classic mid-80s guitar and Teardrop Explodes style trumpets and ba-ba-ba lyric quickly got my attention.

mp3 : The Brilliant Corners – Please Please Please

It’s one that ended upon the i-pod courtesy of its inclusion in the C87 box set which I’ve featured a few times in the past. Here’s the notes from the accompanying booklet.

Another bunch of Bristolians, who began in 1983, borrowing their name from a Thelonius Monk album and playing a rockabilly-tinged form of post-punk. In 1984, they set up their own label SS20 and began releasing records leading up to 1986’s What’s In A Word? (which graced the Indie Top 10), which slotted the band perfectly into the c86 era. Further indie hits ensued, including the EP Delilah Sands, which featured the hook-laden ‘Please Please Please’. The Brilliant Corners released five albums on new label McQueen, the last being 1991’s compilation Creamy Stuff : The Singles 84-90. Following 1993’s A History of White Trash (released on Cheesey Product), the band called it a day – although they reunited in 2013 at the Scared To Get Happy indie extravaganza.

Discovering this wonderful track on the compilation was a b-side, I set about tracking down the rest of the EP, I was rather stunned to find, a bit like The Smiths were wont to do, that Please Please Please was only available on the 12″ release which came housed in the splendid sleeve at the top of this posting. The 7″ looked like this:-

And here’s its two tracks:-

mp3 : The Brilliant Corners – Delilah Sands
mp3 : The Brilliant Corners – Is There Anybody Home?

Really enjoyed all three of these songs, but as I hinted at the start, there’s not a lot else I know about the band. Anyone care to do a guest posting/ICA? Please, Please Please……?



  1. Cracking single. All three tracks are fantastic and Delilah Sands is a high water mark for the band. And that cover. Puts a smile on my face every time.

  2. The Swede is correct that I have a soft spot for the Brilliant Corners. and I have featured them several times at my place. The problem is I have a couple of holes in their discography that would make an ICA incomplete. I might add one-fifth of any ICA from me would have the same songs you featured today. Delilah Sands is a particular favorite, and it showed up at No. 35 on my list of best UK indie singles from the ’80s. They also had many beautiful singles sleeves and album covers. Some critics said the covers were much better than the music inside. To those I sing, “I would bite you if I had the teeth…”

  3. Hey Jez

    A joint ICA from your good self and Brian would be a treat…..but over the weekend I accepted an offer from another reader to do the honours. I’m not saying there isn’t room enough for 2 Brilliant Corner ICAs, but in an ideal world, would love you to turn your hand to any other of your favourites……

  4. Hey JC

    No worries, Brian’s already been in touch to tell me my place is firmly on the subs bench!

    I’ll get cracking on the one I proposed doing last year eventually, I promise!

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