There will be thousands of tributes penned over the coming days to acknowledge and commemorate the life and times of Mark E Smith that will be much better than I’m capable of pulling together.

I liked a lot of his music, but not all of it. I agreed with some of his points of view, but not all of them. I will simply say that he was a truly unique musician and we are much poorer without his presence. He’s gone but won’t be forgotten…..especially in the digital age where the memories will come thick and fast. I wonder if he’s already arguing with Anthony H Wilson?

mp3 : The Fall – Free Range

Possibly my favourite few minutes that he ever recorded.


13 thoughts on “FAREWELL TO ONE-OF-A-KIND

  1. well put JC… I didn’t like everything he did but I liked a lot and I did like the idea of the fall – this band that had always been there making music on their own terms… there won’t be another like him…

  2. I always bracketed him with the likes of Lou Reed and Van Morrison in the ‘grumpy bugger to respect and admire rather than like as a person ” category. Liked a lot of his music, especially the stuff from about 83-92. Sometimes it seemed a bit like quantity over quality, as he was so prolific. He probably died so relatively young because he stuck to a particular lifestyle that wasn’t good for his health. Like everything else in his life, that was his choice,and nobody could stop him.

  3. Very sad today. A new Fall single was so exciting in the early years. To me they were my pop hits, catchy, recorded deep in my memory. even today at moments of stress I hear Totally Wired in my mind. Bye Mark E. Fantastic Life.

  4. really gutted by this. Was listening to Guardian Football podcast and they mentioned it. Immediately went to the internet to find out more. Actually learned quite a bit from TVV about The Fall and have become quite a fan here late in life. Boooooooo!

  5. Jeff….you should head over to where Drew (From Across the Kitchen Table), Steve (Charity Chic) and Adam (Bagging Area) hang around. There’s some fabulous tributes to enjoy reading….

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