Tuesdays.  A day early for shouting out the half time scores of the latest set of ties.

To be read out in the voice of the bloke who has that particular task each home game at Stark’s Park, Kirkcaldy.*

Gemma Ray 9 v The Lightning Seeds 22
The Woodentops 11 v The Go-Betweens (2) 19
Mission of Burma 2 v The Smiths 28
A Certain Ratio 12 v Arab Strap 15
Supergrass 15 v Wire 15
Queens of the Stone Age 8 v The Fall 22
Elvis Costello & The Attractions 12 v Half Man Half Biscuit 19
Prefab Sprout (2) 17 v The Blue Aeroplanes 13
Beach House 13 v British Sea Power 20
Magazine 22 v Prince 8
Lambchop 15 v Martha & The Muffins 16
Everything But The Girl 21 v The Libertines 8
Kanye West 8 v SBTRKT 10
Talking Heads 20 v Massive Attack 11
The Twilight Sad 7 v Pavement 21
The Orwells 7 v Pete Wylie 19

(all as at 6pm on Monday 22 January)

Click here for a reminder of what the full list of songs are. Deadline is Friday midnight. All being well, I’ll announce the results on Saturday morning at the same time as releasing the next 16 fixtures.

A fair number of the ties are still very much up for grabs, although my heart is heavy as I watch personal faves The Twilight Sad suffer at the hands of Pavement, although I knew it was the likely outcome.   Looking likely too that some teams will depart from the scene despite scoring more goals than the eventual winner of Kanye West v SBTRKT.  Would still prefer things that way than to have the draw seeded or rigged…..

Time, once more, for a banging half-time tune

mp3 : Calvin Harris – Feels So Close


*yup, they are one and the same.

9 thoughts on “HALF TIME SCORES

  1. Can’t believe so many people are wrong about Gemma Ray. Still, Man Utd have a lot of “fans” too so that explains a lot….. 😉

    (awaiting a response from Swiss Adam…)

  2. Can I put in a quick vote for Lambchop (or two even) – otherwise I’m happy with the way things are going. Gotta feel for Mission of Burma, though (maybe a sympathy vote there too.) Keep up the good work!

  3. As Robster well knows, and has been shown in research, the club with the highest proportion of ‘fans’ outside their geographic area are Liverpool.

    Waiting for a late ACR comeback.

  4. SA: Touche. I[‘m running a training session today and a lady at the back is a Swansea fan. Guess what subject I’m not raising today…

  5. The lightning seed
    The Go betweens
    The Smiths
    Arab Strap
    The Fall
    Elvis C
    Prefab S
    Martha & T M
    The Libertines
    Kayne W
    Talking H
    Pete W


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