The goals were flying in over the weekend but almost all of the initial ties, including the match-up for which television rights were secured, are proving to be one-sided affairs which perhaps explains the lack of interest over the past 36hours:-

The Lemonheads 21  v Spoon 9
The Indelicates 9 v Kitchens of Distinction 19
Butcher Boy 20 v The Magnetic Fields 6
The Feelies 12 v Paul Quinn 15
Big Audio Dynamite 26 v The Streets 4
Talk Talk 20 v Death In Vegas 11
Sonic Youth 20 v Billy Joel 8
PJ Harvey 19 v Malcolm Ross 11
Associates 9 v Edwyn Collins 21
LCD Soundsystem 4 v New Order 27
The Cramps 23 v Shit Robot 3
Deacon Blue 5 v The Wedding Present 24
The Police 18 v Captain Beefheart 9
The Charlatans 20 v The Mekons 9
Saint Etienne 19 v The Sugarplastic 9
Tilly and The Wall 2 v Orange Juice 29

(all as at 6pm on Tuesday 16 January)

I was genuinely expecting Malcolm Ross, given that he was being represented by a Josef K track, to have given Peej a run for her money. I’m also feeling very sorry for Tilly & The Wall – not only did they draw the might of Orange Juice, but the track happened to be Felicity.

Click here for a reminder of what the full list of songs are. Deadline is Friday midnight. I’m actually hoping to announce the results on Saturday morning at the same time as releasing the next 16 fixtures.

Time for a banging half-time tune

mp3 : De La Soul – Me, Myself and I


11 thoughts on “THE HALF-TIME SCORES

  1. I’m a little surprised the Associates/Edwyn match isn’t a little closer, but maybe I shouldn’t be. My seat is at midfield with halves of two jerseys sewn together, and my cheers and jeers are all out of place.

  2. Mightily pissed off at the Streets and DiV laying down to the opposition. I think that they may have been knobbled by a Malaysian betting syndicate

  3. And the New Order LCD thing still rankles with me
    If the JAMC draw The Smiths then I’ll be demanding a stewards enquiry.

  4. Believe me mate….you’ll be tearing your hair out when you hear some of the remaining 1st round ties….as indeed will your little furry sidekick.

    I will say, just to make you a wee bit happier, that The Smiths did not draw JAMC.

  5. It’s the luck of the draw SWC – none of your pockled UEFA please TV and the big boys draws here.
    True theatre!

  6. Lemonheads, Kitchens, Butcher, Feelies, BAD, DiV, Youth, PJH, Associates, New O, Shit, Weddoes, Police, Charlatans, StEt, OJ for my money. Cheers.

  7. ok…
    The Lemonheads
    Kitchens of Distinction
    Butcher Boy
    Paul Quinn
    Big Audio Dynamite
    Talk Talk
    Billy Joel
    Malcolm Ross
    Edwyn Collins
    New Order
    Shit Robot
    The Wedding Present
    The Police
    The Charlatans
    Saint Etienne
    Orange Juice

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