Huge thanks to Walter

(A Few Good Times In My Life blog)

Hi Jim,

It is a long time ago since I announced a contribution to your request for looking back in music for this year. Since then I often thought what about to write. Should I name all the great records that was released in 2017 or should I write about the newest trends in music?

I couldn’t make a decision for myself and almost struggled typing a few words for this contribution. Then I wrote down the albums that impressed me much this year, remembered the gigs I went and some other highlights that happened to me. And once I found an accordance. Remembering the days of our gathering in Glasgow I recalled the Saturday morning when we met at Mono cafe-bar. Drew bought a copy of Mark Lanegan‘s latest album and we shortly talked about the greatness of this record. Mark Lanegan is one of those artists I follow since his first days with Screaming Trees over Queens of the Stone Age and many collaborations such as Isobel Campbell and Mike Watt.

Gargoyle was one of those albums that stood the test of time and many times I returned to this record. This is one of his best records he released during the last years. Filled with dark and sinister songs he made them great by singing with his terrific baritone that makes him play in the same league like Lee Hazlewood. In July I was lucky enough to watch him live presenting the album in Stuttgart. I saw a man who doesn’t make many movements on stage. Just standing in front of the microphone and saying less more than ‘thank you’. After all it was an amazing concert filled with the best of his current album and a short retrospective of his career. A highlight was he gave as a bonus a very special version of Love will tear us apart. Truly one of the best records of this year.

mp3 : Mark Lanegan Band – Death’s Head Tattoo
mp3 : Mark Lanegan Band – Emperor
mp3 : Mark Lanegan Band – Goodbye To Beauty

Hope everything is well in Glasgow.

Take care.




  1. Agreed. One of my faves too, Walter. A mate of mine who goes to Glastonbury every year often asks me for recommendations of who to see. This year I suggested Mark Lanegan, who he admitted he didn’t know much about. He came back raving about him.

  2. Nice call by Walter and JC. Hadn’t heard Gargoyle yet but Lanegan is instantly recognizable no matter what he’s singing or whom he’s singing with. Screaming Trees still feature in my playlists.

  3. Like JTFL, I haven’t heard this one yet, but you can always count on Lanegan. Although he doesn’t live here anymore, we still claim him as one of us here in Seattle.

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