Twee might be best associated with the 80s and 90s, but in all truth it never went away, which to me is a good things.

One of the more recent examples of the genre are Very Truly Yours who hail from Chicago. Formed by Kristine Capua (vocals), Lisle Mitnik (guitar), Dan Hyatt (bass), and Andy Rogers (drums) in 2008 they soon began to get attention from appearances on various low-budget compilations. Katie Watkins later joined on keyboards.

From what I can gather, there then followed a split single and then a self-funded EP in 2009, an album in 2010 and a 7″ single in 2011.

Kristine and Lisle also have recorded solo projects and more recently have hooked up for an electronica band called Tiny Fireflies. I’m assuming therefore that Very Truly Yours are no more, but I’m willing to be corrected.

mp3 : Very Truly Yours – Popsong ’91 (from 2009 split single)
mp3 : Very Truly Yours – Reminders (from 2009 EP)
mp3 : Very Truly Yours – Things You Used To Say (from 2010 LP)
mp3 : Very Truly Yours – Girls Tell You Secrets (2011 single)




It’s worth dropping by……

2 thoughts on “TEN DAYS OF TWEE (9) : VERY TRULY YOURS

  1. Enjoyed that first track a lot – and they have a great band name. Another winner, JC – or should that be ‘J Twee’?

  2. Sashaying seamlessly from the wondrous Talulah Gosh to sublime-era Camera Obscura these songs encapsulate all that is magnificent about Twee/Indie Pop. Call it what you will you cannot deny the pop sensibility of these perfectly executed melodies.

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