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Finley Quaye (born 25 March 1974, Edinburgh, Scotland) is a Scottish musician. He won the 1997 Mobo Award for best reggae act, and the 1998 BRIT Award for Best Male Solo Artist.

He is the youngest son of jazz musician Cab Kaye, the half-brother of guitarist Caleb Quaye, and half-brother of jazz musician and ethno-musicologist Terri Quaye. His father was born in London, but considered himself as African. Although known as Cab Kaye, his full name was Nii Lante Augustus Kwamlah Quaye and he was a Chief of the Ga tribe centralized in Jamestown, Accra, Ghana. Kaye was the son of the pianist Caleb Jonas Quaye a.k.a. Mope Desmond, who was born in Accra, Ghana. Finley did not grow up with his father and only found out, in his twenties, about his father’s history as a musician.

Finley Quaye was inspired early on in his childhood by jazz musicians. He lived in London with his mother, who would take him with her to Ronnie Scott’s jazz club to catch performances of American jazz musicians touring Europe. He started recording in the early 90s, gaining some recognition for work alongside dance act A Guy Called Gerald. In 1997, he came to prominence with a number of Top 10 singles and the album Maverick A Strike which sold in millions in the UK and led to all sorts of awards over the next 12 months.

His star quickly waned with albums around and just after the turn of the century yielding very little returns. He has spent much of the past two decades living in the USA but he made the news back here in 2012 when first of all he was found guilty of aggravated assault in Edinburgh for which he was sentenced to 225 hours of unpaid work, while a few months later he was declared bankrupt with a tax debt of £383,000.

All a bit of shame really:-

mp3 : Finley Quaye – Your Love Gets Sweeter



  1. Still love that LP, has a great late summer/autumnal vibe. Even after all one of my favourite ever love songs.
    Didn’t hear too much after that but there was one great single – Spiritualized

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