Let’s go head to head again.  First time out (CP #5) the voting was pretty one-sided.  This time the tunes vary somewhat and I’m hoping it’s a much closer call.

Dandelion – Charlotte Gainsbourg
Dandelion – Matthew Sweet

Repulsion – Dinosaur Jr.
Repulsion – Quasi

Anticipation – Spoon
Anticipation – Tenpole Tudor



5 thoughts on “CHARGED PARTICLES (15)

  1. First set is easy. Matthew Sweet. Living Things… hugely underrated album. Bonus: Van Dyke Parks played on it. Went with Dinosaur Jr. in the next group. Toughest one for me was the the last batch. I’m a sucker for just about everything on Stiff in that era, but I’m a big Spoon fan too. I don’t know their ’90s stuff as well, but Anticipation is the one song I gravitate to from that era. Coin flip selection, but I’m going with Tenpole Tudor. Wunderbar! Dirk once asked about our favorite German bands, and I said Tenpole Tudor. I don’t think he thought that was funny at all.

  2. I thought all three were pretty tough. Charlotte Gainsbourg just nudges it for me on the first one. Dinosaur Jr next and then I agree with Brian that Anticipation was the hardest and like him I plumped for Eddie Tudor-Pole and the boys.

  3. I checked the extensive CP rulebook and there doesn’t seem to be anything in there preventing me from voting on my own post. So, I’m going with: Sweet, Quasi and Spoon. Gainsbourg’s song was written by Beck, but it sounds like a straight up T. Rex cop. I always pick Quasi over anybody because Janet Weiss is such an awesome drummer (presently with Sleater-Kinney). And, as for Spoon, see ICA #104.

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