One of my favourites from the Ziggy Stardust LP, I hadn’t realised it has been a flop single a few years later in 1976 when it was issued to accompany the release of the Changesonebowie compilation.

mp3 : David Bowie – Suffragette City

I still love getting up on the dance floor if this ever gets aired at an indie-type disco…which doesn’t happen often enough if you wany my tuppence worth on the subject matter. The Little Richard-style boogie-woogie piano bit is courtesy of the multi-talented Mick Ronson.

The b-side of the 1976 single was an edited version of Stay, a track originally been released on Station to Station the previous year. Again, until looking it up for this posting, I wasn’t aware that the shortened version of Stay had been a single in the USA. It’s some three minutes shorter than the album version.

mp3 : David Bowie – Stay (US single edit)


4 thoughts on “WHAM-BAM THANK YOU MA’AM

  1. I’m trying to think what it would take to get me up onto a dance floor – a phenomenal amount of alcohol I reckon. Mind you, ‘Suffragette City’ spinning on the wheels of steel would certainly help.

  2. Never realized it was released as a single to coincide w/ “Changesonebowie” yet alone that a truncated “Stay” was the b-side. Thanks for the post! Awesome as always.

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