It’s only taken 34 years, but at long last I’ve now got a vinyl copy of every 7″ and 12″ single ever released in the UK by Friends Again.

It all started off with Honey At The Core when it was released in May 1983 on Moonboot Records and it was completed in May 2017 when a mint copy of the 12″ release of the re-mixed and re-released Honey At The Core on Mercury Records was sourced via Discogs.

mp3 : Friends Again – Honey At The Core (long version)

All told, there were five regular 7″ singles, one double pack of 7″ singles in an EP, five regular 12″ singles and one LP, all released in an 18-month period in 83/84 before the band split up with James Grant and Paul McGeechan forming Love and Money, Stuart Kerr joining Texas and Chris Thomson making music under the name of The Bathers. The fifth member of the band, Neil Cunningham, stayed in the music industry but on the management side of things



  1. Congratulations to you, JC! You know FORW and I are impressed, anyway. I have most of these myself, but I don’t have that particular one. Just about to start ripping vinyl from the letter F in my collection later this week. Friends Again just around the corner. Tough to decide what to spin. You have covered them so thoroughly through the years. You can probably bet I won’t go for something on the album though.

  2. I fucking love Honey at the Core in all it’s various guises but my favourite is the one with the “get a load of this” breakdown.

    James Grant was on Off The Ball the other week and strangely never mentioned Friends Again just Love and Money. At the time I found that odd.

  3. I love Friends Again and could never understand why they weren’t more successful. I saw them in Leeds, in 1983 I think, with The Bluebells and another band I don’t remember.

  4. Agree with you Stephen. As some of the old postings hopefully testify, they were a band for whom I had so much time back in the day.

  5. Absolutely love Friends Again, especially Honey At The Core, the ” get a load of this” erosion being my favourite. James Grant was on Off The Ball the other week and strangely when talking about his career didn’t mention FA just Love and Money. I much preferred the former, the later being one step away from Wet Wet Wet in my teenage eyes.

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