A lovely picture of Billy with everyone’s favourite Muffin – Martha Ladly

Baltimore – Billy’s take on Randy Newman’s song.

Free – BEF dragged Billy back for Music of Quality and Distinction Volume Two. This was his contribution.

It’s Over – A wee orchestral arrangement of one of Billy’s contributions to Music of Quality and Distinction Volume One.

The Mountains That You Climb – Billy MacKenzie and Steve Aungle.

Anacostia Bay (at the edge of the world) – Loom featuring Billy MacKenzie. The last record Billy released in his lifetime. Full-length 12min 42sec original mix.

Eurocentric – Billy MacKenzie and Steve Aungle (unreleased demo)

Give Me Time – Electro version. Billy MacKenzie and Paul Haig (unreleased demo)

Sid Law

3 thoughts on “REMEMBERING BILLY MACKENZIE (Day 2 of 5)

  1. Lovely is the word. This version of It’s Over is lovelier than the version on the BEF album. Thanks for these.

  2. Wonderful stuff!!
    Give Me Time is devastating – chilling every time I hear it.
    Anacostia Bay is Billy at full power, adding his signature and ideas to other artists open to his kind of musical world. It’s deep and dark, but there’s an insistent beauty in Billy’s delivery over the driving, droning music.
    Billy owns Baltimore – it’s just that simple.
    It’s Over – Orchestral – operatic, over the top and oh so fabulously BILLY!
    Eurocentric – Billy manages to tease some drama out of a dance floor banger.

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