From wiki:-

Danny Wilson were a Scottish pop group formed in Dundee, Scotland. The band are best known for their 1988 UK number 3 hit single Mary’s Prayer.

The band served as a launchpad for the career of Gary Clark, who also played in the 1990s bands King L and Transister before becoming a successful songwriter for other artists including Natalie Imbruglia, Liz Phair, Nick Carter, k.d. lang and former Spice Girls Melanie C and Emma Bunton. Other former members of the band have played in Simple Minds, Deacon Blue and Swiss Family Orbison.

The band released three albums between 1987 and 1991 but only enjoyed limited chart success with The Second Summer of Love being their only other hit single in 1989. I was tempted to throw up one or other of the two chart singles but was inspired instead, from comments left behind a few weeks ago (see I do read them!!), to seek out what I was informed (correctly) was a very fine cover:-

mp3 : Danny Wilson – Kooks

It was on the b-side of the 12″ remix version of the re-released Mary’s Prayer in 1988 – the one that went all the way to the Top 5.



  1. Mary’ Prayer was a great track as was Second Summer of Love but strangely I never bought anything else, luck of funds and too many wants probably the reason

  2. A great band who I was lucky to see live twice. They were terrific – and not just because they had a song in their repertoire called “Aberdeen”.

    If you never listen to another song in your life, give an ear to this stunning LIVE cover of The Blue Nile’s “Saturday Night” by Danny Wilson’s Gary Clark. If it doesn’t make the hairs on any part of your body stand up, you have no soul. (And check out Gary’s words at 2 minutes 7 seconds and the crowd’s response. (It can only be a Scottish crowd).

  3. Favorite Danny Wilson song – The Ballad Of Me And Shirley MacLaine from Be Bop Moptop. It is one of the breeziest and joyful love songs I can think of.

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