Many thanks for your recent “Red Guitars” post; I´ve been looking for this for ages.

I also see you are into some “Squeeze” stuff. I got most of their compilation and best of CD´s
However none of them include the complete 12 inch version of
“Last Time Forever” (6:23) I wonder if you have it and if you could possible post it
someday or send it to my address. I´d really apprecate it.
Best regards
It isn’t the (in)famous singer who has asked for this 1985 ‘comeback’ single.  Squeeze had broken up in 1982 although main singer/songwriters Chris Difford and Glenn Tillbrook had collaborated on an LP released in 1984.   The other most famous member of the band had been keyboardist Jools Holland but he had left back in 1980 for a career as a solo musician and as TV presenter.
In 1985, following a one-off reunion of the classic Squeeze line-up (Difford, Tilbrook, Holland plus Gilson Lavis on drums and John Bentley on bass), for a charity gig, the band decided to reform. However, Bentley decided not to be part of it and was replaced by Keith Wilkinson.  The first fruits of their collective labour was the single Last Time Forever which, disappointingly for all concerned, stalled at #45. It was, trivia lovers, first aired on Jools Holland’s farewell appearance as a presenter on Channel 4’s The Tube/first official reappearance with the band (with his kid brother Christopher alongside him on additional keys)
The 12″ version of the song, like the album version, contains dialogue sampled from the film The Shining while the very strange b-side  consists of five separate songs, each approximately one minute in length, and each written, performed and produced by one of the band’s five members. In order, the songs are listed on the record sleeve and label as follows:A: Jools Holland – Rock ‘N Roll (That’s)
B: Gilson Lavis – Proxy Rock
C: Chris Difford – The Practising Clarinet
D: Glenn Tilbrook – Spideey Goes To Tobago
E: Keith Wilkinson – Who Wants To Be A Legionnaire?mp3 : Squeeze – Last Time Forever (12″ version)
mp3 : Squeeze – Suites From Five Strangers


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