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Sheer Taft  were Thomas Taft of Greenock, Scotland and vocalist Ingrid Kudos. They were a dub/leftfield/downtempo dance act signed to Alan McGee’s Creation label, active between 1990-92. They released two singles (‘Cascades’, ‘Atlantis’) and one album (‘Absolutely Sheer’) before disappearing into obscurity… ‘Cascades (Hypnotone Mix)’ is considered a Balearic house classic and continues to appear on various dance/chill out compiations today.

JC adds:-

I know that Sheet Taft have featured in the Bagging Area a few times over the years and that Adam thinks Cascades is superb, describing it as a sunny, druggy, bubbling delight, sent from Greenock to Camden via Ibiza.

I don’t have that particular song, but I do have an edited version of the other single, courtesy of its appearance on the Creation Compilation Cassette given away with Select magazine in April 1992.

mp3: Sheer Taft – Atlantis (edit)

Here’s what Thomas Taft had to say at the time:-

“This was recorded over a year ago, before the Italian thing exploded, and I suppose it’s a kind of Balearic thing – but that’s not a dirty word to me, y’know? ‘Atlantis’ is mean to be tacky, it’s a total pisstake. On the new LP, there’s a track called ‘Explosion Into Dub’ and it’s like Egyptian Reggae – not Jonathan Richman, but more like Jah Wobble. He’s a genius, is Wob. We’ve got old Audrey Wutherspoon (Andy Weatherall) doing a remix of our first single ‘Cascades’, and we’re trying to get Wob to play on it. Make it really dub y’know, really weird and menacing. Music to look worried to…..”