It’s a music blog with links to songs.  Mostly stuff from by-gone days.

14 thoughts on “About

  1. really admire your resilience – true east end grit ; do you want me to dig out my Lenny Cohen review JC? MD

  2. The Silver Palms video has been deleted multiple times, yet we continue to upload it. If you enjoy upcoming bands check them out.

  3. just dropping a note of thanks. been a music nerd ever since I heard Johnny marr’s reverberating guitar and moz spewing, “I am the son and heir… or is it sun and air?” back in ’84 as a young gal in a white trash town in Southern California. I have followed you at hype machine for several years now. always impressed with what you pull out. makes me stare at my factory record collection some more. 🙂 anyway, I was on a journey for “truth” yesterday and like a typical absurdist music fan, I typed it into hypem. Paul haig came up. I hadn’t heard that song in over 20 yrs! my teenage heart fluttered. yay! so goodnight, and thank you. love your blog.

  4. Just came across this site- fantastic trip down memory lane. Lots of the bands I grew up listening to here in Canada. One stark omission- don’t see anything about one of my all time faves- Vic Chesnutt. He’s from Athens, Georgia, USA so maybe out of your scope.
    Cheers, Karen

  5. Thanks Karen.

    I’ve very little in the collection from Vic Chesnutt….I know he was very well regarded by a number of folk who picked up early on REM and I always meant to check out more but never got round to it and don’t feel qualified to offer anything meaningful. You’d of course be very welcome to contribute a guest posting on his life and work.


  6. We are “Wednesday call” a rock band with 3 albums from Iran. We are on spotify and youtube. We would like you to give us reviews and post us on the blog. Please give me your email so i can send the music directly to you.

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